It Was Providence

Parallel Lines Can Meet

Parallel lines can meet.

It was providence that we met and happily married in August 1992. Especially because we hadn’t when we’d attended college in that very city across the street from each other (me RISD, him Brown) years before. Other than a few concerts on the Green we’d both attended, and close proximity, albeit on opposite sides of a wall where he was the newspaper editor and I watched classic films, our paths did not cross.

We went to Providence, Rhode Island for our honeymoon, anniversaries and for family vacations over the years, watching the city undergo a wonderful renaissance. Not only did we enjoy the world-class art, music, and restaurants, but the smaller scale, sense of community, and kinder, gentler way of life appealed to us as well. And of course, a place named The Ocean State has easy access to my favorite element and un-crowded beaches.

So it seems fitting, just in time for our anniversary yesterday, that my husband and I relocated, our careers and our belongings, from Manhattan to Providence.

It was providence that we move here, like two fish out of water coming home.