Afikomen : Finding Our Missing Pieces

AFIKOMEN 2Wishing you the best, this most unusual Passover. Here is a project I will be doing with my family, in situ, and via Zoom.  I hope you find it meaningful.  Please share your results with me. Chag Pesach Sameach!

Amy Cohen
“For an ordinary person, using a broken vessel is shameful, but for the Holy Blessed One, it not so; all that Good uses are broken vessels.” Pesikta d’rav Kahana 24:5
Judaism teaches us to accept our brokenness. The broken tablets co-exist in the Holy Ark with the in-tact second set, reminding us we can learn from our mistakes, and reconnect to what we fear we have lost.

1. Print copies of this paper broken matzah for you and those joining your seder. Email to those who will be joining you via cyberspace.
2. On one half of the matzah, write a list of things you feel you have lost in life, parts of you that have not been realized, goals unattained, ways in which you feel flawed, broken or hidden, even from yourself.
3. On the second half of the matzah, write a list of parts of yourself you hope to uncover, new paths, new goals, new perspectives.
4. Carefully cut out the two matzah halves and set the pair aside near your seder table. After you have completed the Pesach meal and the Afikomen has been found and its pieces distributed, take out your paper matzah and share your lists with others as you connect the two halves creating a whole matzah.paper Afikomen

If you are so inclined, this can be expanded into a collage project, as chronicled below:






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