How Do You Get to Merkin Hall?


How does one get to Merkin Hall? If it’s the same way you get to Carnegie Hall, the answer is, “Practice, practice, practice”. But, as I spotted on a sign in the lobby of Merkin recently, you could simply, conveniently, “forget” to silence your cell phone and Presto! A guaranteed performance in front of a New York City audience.  If you happen to be a bassoonist, that is.

3 thoughts on “How Do You Get to Merkin Hall?

  1. This is funny and clever and probably does make people turn off their phones. I love these kind of signs. Remember Mayor Koch’s administration had a no parking sign that said “Don’t even think about parking here!”

    • Me too! And I always appreciate it when one of these (now routine) announcement is especially creative. I thought this one was unique, and I wondered if anyone had taken them up on their “offer.”

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