Don’t Open Wide: What’s a Hungry Gal to Do?

liberation-wrapper-415x260Latest among the inventions reminding women that anatomy is destiny, is the horribly misnamed Liberation Wrapper. Freshness Burger, a national fast food chain in Japan, has created a solution for women who would not eat the restaurant’s large sized Classic Burgers in public. The cultural belief in Ochobo, that small mouths are the pinnacle of beauty, paired with the fact that it is considered good manners to cover one’s mouth while eating, made it unlikely that women would ever order a giant burger. So Freshness Burger came up with a plan: a deceptively designed burger wrapper which doubles as an Ochobo mask to cover the diner’s face. The so-called Liberation Wrapper means that female diners can dig into a Classic Burger with all the fixings without being rude or forsaking their beauty standards. Men, of course, are permitted, sans mask, to open their mouths to accommodate burgers the size of the Classic. One month after the wrappers were launched, sales of the Classic Burger to women were up by 213%.

One wonders, what will be next?stock-photo-6532201-woman-with-paper-bag-on-her-head

4 thoughts on “Don’t Open Wide: What’s a Hungry Gal to Do?

  1. I wonder if this restaurant has a paper woman to stay at the table if one of the female patrons has to go to the toilet. After all, if women can’t be seen eating, they certainly can’t be seen doing this equally basic bodily function.

  2. I think I heard about this on ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ – in that segment where the panelists tell three ridiculous stories and pick the one that’s real. I think they had trouble believing this one was the real one. No wonder. (I wouldn’t have believed it without the photo — thanks, Amy!)

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