Can I Please Be Scott Simon’s 1,263,180th Friend?

I am totally smitten. I have always been a huge fan, but it was his hospital-bedside Tweeting of his mother’s death that sealed the deal. Decades from now,  (or in a year) when Twitter is a thing of the Techno-dinosaur Age, someone will be teaching graduate students about this landmark example of the Twitter feed where there was absolutely no barrier between raw grief and the Tweet.  At first I thought, “Oh, no, this is way too intimate, how could he?”  But, quickly, as I read on,  I realized, this was not “The Truman Show”, nor was it some commercial network news Sweeps Weeks stunt. It was a direct line to Scott Simon’s wonderful, funny, sad, acutely feeling brain saying goodbye to his mother.  And he had me at goodbye.

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